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​What form of exercise works best for you?


If you are recovering from an injury or have not worked out in a while, Pilates Reformer will return you to health quickly. You will strengthen internally while aligning your body to function correctly.  I will always be guiding you for the full hour through movement towards your particular needs.

If you are looking for an added edge in a competition sport, the Pilates Reformer will provide internal strength, flexibility and the power to

excel!  I will make sure we work toward your having an advantage in your sport.


If you are a dancer or cheerleader, golfer, soccer player, tennis pro and have done Pilates before, try all the apparatus' used by Joseph Pilates in a classical manner: Reformer, Cadillac, Tower, Chair, Spine Corrector, Foot Corrector, and Toe Corrector.


If you are in chronic pain, fatique, and anxiety, practicing Pilates & Yoga is a great start towards relief of these imbalances.

Pilates Intro

Book your first appointment to a new healthier you.

The sooner you start the faster your results will be!!!

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Body Sculpting by Christine - Yoga and Pilates Instructor
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